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Promo Code Testing

As the Duel team have no control over promo codes generated by the brand. The brand is required to run some tests to ensure correct set up before codes can be uploaded into Duel for automated distribution. 


It's the brands responsibility to ensure codes are set up correctly for each reward and any referral codes

Reward Codes Process

After the reward codes have been specified and generated an order need to be placed on the brands live e-commerce (these can then be cancelled/voided afterwards) 

Take the first code in the batch and use this for testing, in the below example we'll use the code REWARD50

🌍 If your programme is operating across multiple regions/e-stores be sure to check codes work across them all. 

  1. Place an order replicating using the code REWARD50 
    1. Check the reward works for the specified amount/item across all applicable e-stores
    2. If rewarding a bundle/new SKU, check this has been processed correctly and is ready for dispatch
  2. Attempt to place the same order using the same email address/e-com account and code REWARD50
    1. This second attempt should fail as the has code hit maximum usage, if it didn't fail check code setup. 
  3. Attempt to place another order using a different mail address/e-com account and the same code REWARD50
    1. This third attempt should also fail as the code can't be used more than once across multiple email addresses, if it didn't fail check code setup. 

Referral Codes Process

🌍 If offering referral codes it's also recommended to confirm they're working across all e-commerce regions - as even if a programme is only live in a specific region an advocates network could be global.