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Member Programme: Launch & Promotion

We recommend setting a member target and building a promotion plan using the below channels for the first 4 weeks post launch. Once this period is over, reconvene with your BSE launch performance can be looked at and promotion plan tweaked if required. 

Promotion Structure

When promoting a member programme we advise using the following content structure: 

  • What is it?

  • What’s in it for them?

Promotion Channels

See a list of different promotion options below, we recommend a range to be implemented for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Programme Landing Page
  • Duel Invitations
  • CTA to Landing Page - Link to programme landing page in website header
  • CRM Launch Emails - Series of CRM launch emails
  • New Subscriber Email - Include CTA & Info
  • Checkout Banner - CTA & Graphic on the order success page 
  • Post Purchase Email - A dedicated invite if they opted into marketing coms, this can be a link to a task or letting them know to claim their points (if loyalty is rewarded)
  • Product Packaging - Including a CTA in/on packaging, QR codes work well here. 
  • Product Registration - Including a note that you can gain points for registering your product (if tasks set up) 
  • Organic & Paid Social 
  • Blog Post 
  • Competition or Early Sign Up Reward