Order Import (CSV)

Duel enables brands to bulk import orders to update records. This can be a backstop in the case of technical errors, technical limitations or pre-integration/tracking order syncing.

⁉️ We do not recommend this as an integration solution due to the manual nature of the feature

Advanced functionality includes the ability to amend awarded points and/or commission. See further information here

How to import orders?

  1. Navigate to the duel dashboard, if you do not have access speak to your BSE for a login.
  2. Under the orders tab, click + Import in the top right and upload a CSV with the correctly formatted order data (see breakdown + example below) 


Upload a set variables exported from an E-commerce platform or brand database formatted as a CSV from the orders tab using the import button.

❗️It's vital that the Date of Order is in the correct format (ISO) YYYY-MM-DD

Variable Column Titles Input Required Notes
Order Number id string Yes  
Order Total total string Yes  
Order Currency currency string Yes Using currency codes ie. GBP, USD & EUR
Date of Order date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Yes eg: 

2022-12-28 15:52
2022-12-28 15:52:47

Email of Purchaser email string No  
Promotion Code Used promo string No The promo used in this order (if any). If an order contains multiple promotions, you should include both promotions separated by spaces or commas.
Affiliate ID affiliate string No

This is the affiliates id ie. nick.t.4

As seen in our parameter ?duel_a=nick.t.4

In Store Purchase instore y No “y” indicates the order was placed in store
Points points string No The number of points that should be awarded, if not following the already existing rules
Commission commission string No The amount of commission that should be awarded, if not following the already existing rules
Commission Currency commission currency string No Using currency codes ie. GBP, USD & EUR

See an example CSV linked here

Advanced/Additional Use Case 

Outside of updating orders you can use this feature to update points awarded and commission data on successful referrals. 

In order to manually upload data within the “points” or “commission” columns, there must already be an existing Referrals & Affiliates rule within your Duel account.

Commission/points cannot be distributed to a user if there is no existing rule. The manual order upload functionality is an overriding feature, meaning it can only update existing data e.g. R&A rules state the user receives 50 points, but you override the data so that the user receives 100 points.

The “commission” column must be filled in with an exact amount e.g. 2.45 (GBP) rather than a percentage