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Programme User Testing

Here you can find our guidance & recommendations on programme user testing

Testing is an important part of the onboarding process, we'd always recommend a range of your colleagues partake from different areas of the business. This is also a great way to get people excited about the upcoming programme launch!

Feedback Doc
Testing Instructions
Technical Testing

Feedback Doc

We'd recommend setting up a central place for colleagues to give feedback, a shared document/sheet with a tab for each persons feedback works well, this'll depends on the tools available to you.  

On this document we'd also recommend giving thorough instructions to your colleagues, Including but not exclusive of: 

  1. What it is they're actually giving feedback on. 
  2. Basic info on the expected users and the signup/application process. 
  3. What is is they need to do and how to do it.
  4. Links to any relevant pages/emails

Remember we're trying to replicate a user going through the programme journey; from programme discovery to getting their first rewards

Testing Instructions

We recommend most sign up and use the portal via mobile as this how 80-90% of your advocates will be engaging with the programme. 

Once you have set up the document for collecting user feedback, you can proceed to send instructions similar to the ones below, which will help guide them through the process. 


  1. Read through the landing page and/or launch email, leave any feedback on the doc and then click through to the application form.
  2. Apply using the application form and leave and feedback/thoughts.
    1. Was the description of the program clear before the point you applied?

    2.  Are the incentives/rewards compelling?

    3. Did you encounter any obstacles or difficulties while signing up?

  3. You'll receive an email to verify your account, read and leave thoughts on email/copy. 
  4. Once you've verified your email, someone with Duel Dashboard access needs to accept you into the programme. 
  5. Once you've been accepted you'll receive your welcome email, read and leave thoughts on email/copy.
  6. Now you're officially in the programme, take a look around navigate around the Portal and explore its different features. Check out the rewards coming up and see what tasks need to be completed. 
  7. Do all the tasks in the onboarding tiers, make any notes on the process.
    1. After receiving your first rewards, take the time to redeem them. Did you encounter any issues during the redemption process? Once the orders are placed you can reach out to your e-commerce team to cancel them. 
    2. Was the copy for your affiliate link or referral code clear? How do they work? Please leave any comments or feedback.
  1. Now, take a look at the tasks available in Tier 1 and try to complete a few of them.
    1. Did you come across any errors or issues that prevented you from completing a task?

    2. Is the task copy clear?

    3. What's your overall thoughts on the experience?  

These instructions are only a guide and will need customising depending on programme specifics.

Technical Testing

We also recommend technical testing is done, this is to ensure referral order attribution is working across all payment methods, zero value reward orders are being dispatched automatically and the product  

❗Brands should consider the various checkout methods that apply to them and ensure that all of them are tested for all test types. This includes options such as using a mobile app or pay later payment methods.

Reward Testing

  1. To facilitate reward testing, testers can create an account following the same steps as mentioned above for testing.
    1. Then progress to the appropriate tier in order to receive the 1st reward code.
  2. After receiving the reward code, testers should proceed to redeem it on a brand e-commerce and ensuring that the order is processed and dispatched correctly.
  3. Once the first reward has been confirmed as working, the tester can advance to the next level by utilising the 'Award bonus points' feature found under members > all > manage tab.
  4. They can then receive the reward for the next tier and continue to test across different devices/payment methods.

Referral Code Testing

  1. Referral codes can be accessed in the portal itself (front end) under the 'Home' tab (also known as the overview page).
    1. Not all programs have the referral code visible in the front end, in that case head to the Promotions Tab in the Duel Dashboard. 
  2. Once you have obtained a code, go to the brand's e-commerce platform and proceed to checkout using the code.
    1. Confirm that the discount applied is the same as what was advertised in the program.
  3. After the order has been processed, check the Orders > Referrals section in the Duel dashboard to ensure that the order has been properly tracked.

Please be aware that if you use the same email address as the code's 'owner' during checkout, it will be identified as a self-referral. However, this does not impact the test itself and is still considered a successful test.

Affiliate Link Testing

  1. Go to the Duel Dashboard and navigate to the Members > All section.
  2. Locate a test account, open it up and copy the Affiliate Link.
    1. It is recommended to open an Incognito or private tab to clear any local storage for the test.
  3. Open the Affiliate Link and confirm that it redirects to the correct e-commerce platform.
  4. Add an item to the cart and proceed to the checkout.
    1. Some programmes may have referral codes automatically added to the checkout. If this is the case for your brand, make sure to remove that referral code from the cart. Referral codes take precedence over Affiliate Links and will interfere with testing.
  5. After completing the checkout process, check the Duel Dashboard under Orders > Referrals to see if the order has been properly attributed.

Please be aware that if you use the same email address as the affiliate links 'owner' during checkout, it will be identified as a self-referral. However, this does not impact the test itself and is still considered a successful test.

Product Catalogue Testing

To access the Duel Dashboard, go to the top right corner of the page and click on Settings. From there, navigate to the Product catalogue and select browse. Make sure that the correct number of SKUs are loaded and that the images, descriptions, and URLs all match your e-commerce platform.