Zero Value Orders

Why zero value orders are required and workarounds

In order to automate rewarding of product your e-commerce platform needs to be able to process zero value orders.

By utilising batches of codes, the Duel software will automatically distribute these rewards to the appropriate advocate whenever necessary.

However, certain e-commerce platforms may encounter difficulties when handling zero value orders. To overcome this, some potential solutions include:

Custom e-commerce

Building a custom e-commerce solution that can effectively process zero value orders. The design and implementation of this will be tailored to requirements of your specific setup.

Workaround script

You can create a script that automatically runs when such an order is detected. This script will check the promo code that is entered in the cart. If the promo code includes the term 'duel' for instance the order will be processed as expected. However, if the promo code does not include 'duel', the cart will be emptied/order will not process. 

Single string gift cards 

Bulk gift cards can be generated on specific e-commerce platforms. These gift cards can be used as an alternative to promo codes for processing zero value orders.

To ensure compatibility with Duel, it is important that these gift cards are in the form of a single line or string, such as: 012929208318.

Implementing an additional charge 

While it is not the most ideal solution, as a last resort, you have the option to include a shipping or other fee to the order in order to avoid it having a zero value.