3rd Party Analytics Tracking

This functionality enables brands to track traffic & behaviour of users that land on their brand page from the Duel portal

This feature gives a clearer view of advocates who navigate through from the Duel powered portal through to your eCommerce site. You can track any custom pixel, but the notes below are specifically for Google Analytics. 

Once enabled there will be a user consent dropdown that users will have to click 'allow' on to enable the tracking.

This traffic does not include affiliate links, which is tracked through a set of separate, URL parameters - see article on setting up affiliate link tracking here

Adding your analytics tracking ID to the Duel dashboard

  1. Find your tracking ID through your provider, this will depend but generally it's found in Admin > Property Settings.The GA4 looks something like: 282611637
  2. Then Navigate to Settings > Account > Tracking: Insert your ID
  3. Save & Done

Note, you can add multiple IDs comma separated 

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