Copy Requirements

In this guide, you'll find all the information you need on the copy requirements as well as how to add this copy to the Duel Dashboard.

If you're not already familiar with your Brand Copy Doc (Miro Board), don't worry your BSE will send over yours soon. 

This document is your go-to resource for all your copy needs. You can either add your copy directly to the board or use another platform of your choice, but don't forget to share the document with us so we can provide feedback.

Copy Doc

Copy Doc Contents:


Scope of Work Example  

This section covers our template Scope of Work you can use as a base and expand upon, this Scope of Work is both used in a task advocates agree to as well as in the T&Cs.
Note this was formally know as Contact/Agreement

Scope of Work agreement here 

This will be added as a data collection task at a later stage, for your advocates to read and sign ✍️.

See guide on adding the scope of work to the Duel Dashboard

Landing Page Copy

In this section, you'll craft the copy for your landing page. Take inspiration from the examples provided and refer to the dedicated page for more information on recommendations.

Landing Page examples:

Task Copy 

This is where you'll add any copy that is required for tasks and that you have included in your Deployment Template for all different tiers. 

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 19.13.45
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 19.22.13


🛠 To learn more about Tasks head here

Task Title

Task name for internal/admin purposes.


Auto Moderated (Y/N)

 YES - If a task is automatically moderated

NO - If a task needs to be moderated by the Brand Operator

Action Type/Step

Fundamental action steps associated with a task.

It can be single or multiple action steps combined in one task. 

Image upload

Data collection

Social follow

Facebook post

Instagram post

Pinterest post

Strava post

TikTok post

Twitch post

YouTube post


Social evidence



Call to action



Pre Completion Instructions Text shown when a task is opened. The main description of the task and any details users will need to complete it. This is anything above the “Show More” button for the end-user.  
Pre Completion Guidelines Text that is visible once the show more button is clicked in the pre-completion instructions.   
Points Points attributed when a task is completed.  

UI Copy

The UI Copy section is where you can customise the default system messages.

From informing users when their task submission is rejected to changing the naming convention for certain key fields like 'Tasks' which can be renamed to 'Challenges' or 'Missions'.

This is the perfect place to personalise your program and communicate with your advocates. Learn more about adding UI Copy here.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 11.36.33


There are three type of pop-ups that exist in our programs:

  1. Welcome Message Popup
  2. Tier Intro Popup
  3. Post Unlock Popup

Welcome Message Popup

This pop-up introduces new users to the program and explains how it works. 

💻 Navigate to Members > Group Profiles > and click into the relevant groups. Then head into General/Text, you’ll see the About message title and body fields.

🛠 To learn more about the Welcome Message Copy go here.

Tier Intro Popup

This is the copy shown before a member has reached the tier in question. Here you can tease the rewards unlocked at this tier. You have the ability of adding text, video, images & links in this field.

💻 Navigate to Members > Groups > and click into the relevant groups. Then head into Tiers, click the relevant tier and you’ll see the User facing tier introduction field.

🛠 To learn more about the User Facing Tier Introduction Copy go here.

Post-unlock Popup

This pop up congratulates you for reaching a specific tier and tells you what you have been rewarded with and can be found in the third tab of the front end page.

This is the copy shown once the tier has unlocked. Here you can list the specific rewards and perks plus any additional information. You have the ability to add text, video, images & links in this field and post-unlock promotion should you wish to reward your customers/ambassadors. 

💻 Navigate to Members > Groups > and click into the relevant groups. Then head into Tiers, click the relevant tier and you’ll see the Post-unlock (congratulatory) field.

🛠 To learn more about the Post-unlock (congratulatory) Copy go here.

System Email/Notifications 

These are the system emails that notify users to changes to their account. Ideally these emails would come through your CRM for more consistent communication, branding & advanced functionality. 

See further reading on Duel System Emails

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12.21.08

💻 Navigate to Members > Group profiles > Select the group profile you're designing for and then > Email communications. 

🛠 To learn more about the Email communications go here.

Launch email

When launching member programmes, we recommend using CRM for maximum reach. However, there may be reasons why application-based programmes prefer not to. Consult with your BSE to determine the best approach for your brand.

It's important to strike a balance between exclusivity and informative content. Be sure to explain the values of your programme and the benefits it offers. 

Duel Email Template

Subject Options Email Body

You’re invited to join our brand-new [Advocacy Program / Rewards Program]!

You’ve been selected to join our new [Advocacy Program / Rewards Program]!

You’re Invited! Be one of the first to join our new [Brand Advocacy Program / Rewards Program]!

Join the [Name of Program]!

Hi {name},

We are so excited to share with you the launch of our new Brand Advocacy Program! As an avid and loyal {company name} [fan/member/client/customer], you will have the chance to complete fun [Tasks/Challenges] in order to collect points and earn exclusive perks and rewards.

You have been selected to be one of the first to access and try out our new program.

[Tasks/Challenges] will be available for you to complete, with new ones being added regularly. By completing these [Tasks/Challenges], you will earn points and level up through different tiers to earn even more exclusive perks and rewards! This will include anything from special gifts, unique discount codes, early access and exclusive invitation - plus much more.

Ready to start? Sign up now [below/here]!

{Company Sign Off}


For bespoke examples on CRM emails go here

Member Pages

There are some customisable elements of the member pages. You'll be able to customise your Member Pages default settings.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 18.44.23

💻 Navigate to Members > Group Profiles > Select the group profile you're designing for > Member pages

You can set a page title, header logo, header links, commission disclaimer & affiliate CTA copy.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 19.24.32

The screenshot below lists all customisable elements (blue indicates customised by member, red indicates customised by brand)

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 13.41.12

Duel’s Member Pages are an extremely powerful tool that allow your members to share unique, shoppable pages with their network, with the potential of being rewarded for doing so!

Click here for Member Pages examples. 








To enhance the look and feel of your portal and make it uniquely yours, you can create and upload static graphics such as icons and banners to the Duel dashboard.

This is a great way to brand your programme and make it stand out. Give your advocates a visually appealing experience and showcase your brand's personality.